At Elbruz Technologies, we strive to empower businesses and individuals with cutting-edge digital tools and services that ensure growth, efficiency, and success.

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The technologies we use are solid, trusted, and scale.

Expertise in multilingual market success

Integrated Solutions for Growth

We push startups forward by powering their businesses with highly integrated solutions, we help our customers create customers!

Team Evolution

Our development team's expertise grows and evolves each year.

Earn with Us

Monetize your network with our affiliate programs and start earning today!

Global Presence

Multiple branches worldwide, expanding our reach and capabilities.

Our Solutions

Explore our suite of apps across various fields, tailored to enhance your digital experiences and productivity

Creativity + Technology at your benefit.

Our products are specifically crafted to assist a wide array of industries, providing adaptable solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of different fields, ensuring they meet their unique needs effectively.


products across multiple industries

Our extensive range of over 8 products caters to various industries, ensuring versatility and quality in every offering.


users around the world using our products

Our softwares are utilized by a global community of more than 3 million users, showcasing their widespread adoption and impact across various regions worldwide.


team members across different regions

Our diverse team of over 10 dedicated members collaborates seamlessly across multiple regions to deliver exceptional results.


years in SaaS and technical support

Leveraging more than 6 years of expertise in SaaS business and technical support, we deliver tailored solutions and exceptional service to optimize your operations.

Our expertise, your success

Discover our services, projects highlights, and valuable tech insights that keep you ahead


AI powered automation and data management.

We build

CRM/ERP, CMS and LMS solutions for all platforms.


All our products are designed for seamless mobile use.

Multilingual Support

Our solutions support multiple languages for seamless global use.

Featured Diversity

Our diverse range of clients brought our products into the spotlight.

Modern Innovation

We build with the latest frameworks for optimal performance.

Contact us

Got something in mind? Reach out to us for innovative solutions and expert support.

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